SWAG EV Singapore


SWAG EV, (Supreme Wagon Automotive Group, Electric Vehicle) is a Singaporean Tech and Innovation start up. It was founded on a simple mission, to create a world where green vehicles become the new standard, rather than the exception to the rule. The SWAG team and headquarters are based in Singapore, where they saw a gap in the EV market. From there we decided to take charge and bring green energy driven electric motorcycles to where sustainable mobility had not quite yet taken off.

As Singapore is one of the greenest and less polluted cities in Southeast Asia, we took this opportunity to bring cutting edge electric motorcycles that feature high-quality parts and performance to densely populated cities around Southeast Asia. 

Our Vision

“Our vision is to lead the way to a green and clean future with style and verve by providing cutting edge, practical and sustainable innovation and IoT technology”

We believe that innovative, smart green mobility doesn’t have to be boring, that high performance and everyday practicality can co-exist in products which don’t have to come at the expense of our environment or the urban lifestyle.

Always in motion

Our motto is “Always In Motion” this comes from wanting to always push and better ourselves, breaking industry standards and paving the way for the electric vehicle future. We are always learning, evolving and taking risks. We are always in motion.

sustainability with SWAG Electric motorcycles


With each conscious decision made within SWAG, we make sure that it revolves around sustainability. We are proud to have our partners at SHIFT/South Pole and Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) to help guide us into making more sustainable choices that will affect our future. One of our main goals, besides providing our customers with outstanding electric motorcycles, is to build charging and swapping battery stations across South East Asia.

We see a gap and shortage in renewable energy, and by partnering up with leading energy companies we are able to provide and fill in the gap for clean energy. By 2025 we plan to have charging and swapping stations for you to charge your SWAG electric motorcycles, which will be provided and powered by solar panels around major cities across South East Asia.


State-of-art Motor by Bosch

SWAG is constantly evolving on the technology of our electric motorcycles. We are leading the way in the EV industry in Southeast Asia. We use top quality parts and have partnered with world-renowned brands to select and develop state of the art BOSCH superior motors and SAMSUNG Lithium-ion batteries to create high-performance electric motorcycles. 

SWAG Design

For the designs of the SWAG two flagship models, we opted for a simple and classic motorcycle design. 

SWAG Type-X,  which is inspired by geometric lines, is designed for urban and adventure riding. We wanted it to look and feel strong, empowering and unisex. We chose the two colors Ghost White and Space Grey which we feel complements the geometric shapes of the bike. SWAG Type-X

electric motorcycles, type-s lava red

Retro and classic were two words that came to mind when we designed the Type-S.

The perfect bike for more urban use, small, comfortable and lightweight which makes it easy for city traffic and small alleyways navigation. The curved shapes of the bike replicate classic European scooters. We decided to keep the two SWAG colorways Ghost White and Space Grey but to also add a pop of color to fit in with our brand, Lava Red. We love how the Red stands out and can be spotted from a distance.