Tackling PM2.5

In recent years dangerously unhealthy smog caused by fine dust particles also known as PM2.5 has become a threat to Bangkok and provinces across the North, Northeast and central Thailand. The toxic air usually lingers around in the first few months in the beginning of each year. It comes from a number of things, agriculture burning, industrial emissions, construction sites and the invisible killer, vehicle emissions. PM2.5, is a particulate matter with a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometres which is hazardous to human health. 



During the months of January to April, field-burning on corn and sugarcane farms take place. The farmers do not usually have any low cost-effective alternatives when it comes to clearing their crops, which could help the PM2.5 issue. Unfortunately farming machinery is not supported by the Thai government, which would help farmers to remove crops instead of burning them. 


Emissions from vehicle exhaust is another big issue. A lot of the time we see many of the old trucks and buses that are run by diesel, and most of them produce thick black smoke from their exhausts. With electric vehicles, we are eliminating exhaust emission, also known as carbon dioxide. Electric motorcycles and electric cars can help with the dilemma which is PM2.5.



If the Thai government implemented laws against outdated vehicles which are the ones that create black toxic smoke, agriculture burning and industrial emissions we would have less toxic air polluting our atmosphere and we would not be breathing in PM2.5. While tackling this problem will take time, we hope that the government and its citizens will make smarter choices and take practical measures to ensure we won’t face this problem in coming years. 


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