Chinese New Year Gift Ideas 2021

The year of the OX is amongst us, as SWAG is a Singaporean company we celebrate the Chinese New Year. Below we have compiled a list of gift ideas to give your family and friends this Chinese New Year.



1.Tea is a huge part of Chinese culture. It is always a nice gesture, whether the hosts are Chinese or not. 


2.Fruit Baskets are a common and proper gift to gift Chinese hosts, they are found in many shops already pre wrapped. Giving boxes of oranges is also recommended as oranges are symbols of safety and fortune.



3.Instead of alcohol or tobacco as a gift for the seniors, it is more popular to choose a gift that benefits the seniors health. Anything that you think would be a healthy gift, will bring pleasure to their life.


4.An Electric Motorcycle, we at SWAG think electric motorcycles would be a very nice and unique gift to give on CNY. SWAG currently has a CNY Promotion.


5.Red envelopes (Hongbao) are very popular among family members, especially to the children.














The team at SWAG wishes all our lovely customers a Happy Chinese New Year.