Electric Motorcycle vs. Gas Motorcycle

Electric motorcycles and Gas motorcycles are both fun to ride, and whatever option you may have, they are also one of the most preferred modes of transportation, with good reason. Motorcycles give you a sense of freedom and adventure, speed and possibility.  Electric motorcycle vs Gas motorcycle? Whatever option you choose, there are various benefits and drawbacks that a rider must consider. 


Electric motorcycle vs Gas motorcycle


With the rise in popularity of electric motorcycles, many riders around the world are starting to warm up to the technology of electric motorcycles. Electric motorcycles are plug-in motorcycles with two (2) wheels powered by electricity. The electricity is stored on board in rechargeable batteries, which drives more electric motors. 


Most electric motorcycles today are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, like the SWAG electric motorcycles. SWAG uses 26AH Samsung lithium-ion batteries. With an option for one or two battery models. 


Do you love to ride motorcycles? Then, you should consider getting an electric motorcycle from SWAG EV. 


In this article we will explain to you why electric motorcycles are better than gas motorcycles.


Here’s a brief description of electric motorcycles


Electric motorcycles do not have an engine like gas motorcycles. They are solely powered by a rechargeable battery and electric motors. The SWAG electric motorcycle uses Samsung battery’s and BOSCH motors. 

Just like petrol motorcycles, electric motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes. 


Whether it is a gas powered motorcycle or an electric motorcycle, you must hold the correct driving license and valid tax. As well as suitable protective riding attire as safety measures. As a rider, you must abide by the Thai road rules to enjoy riding your electric motorcycle.


Notably, electric motorcycle’s are still relatively new and are intended for a niche market. The Thai market has very few options when it comes to considering buying an electric motorcycle, SWAG are premium quality electric motorcycles, offering customers the highest quality parts for an affordable price. 

As there are few options compared to gas motorcycles, most electric motorcycles are mass-produced, making electric motorcycles much more expensive than its gas-powered counterpart.


As electric motorcycles don’t usually match the power and strength of a gas motorcycle, riding an electric motorcycle can sometimes be more like riding a scooter.

Electric motorcycles have automatic transmissions, meaning that there is no clutch and no ability to shift into neutral. Lack of breaking through the engine can take some getting used to, so riders must be careful about traveling downhill with too much speed. The throttle can sometimes be too intense, although this can vary. With SWAG electric motorcycles it is not as intense or dangerous. 


Furthermore, some riders also have expressed concern about the ‘silence’ of electric motorcycles. It can make cars and motorcycles around you less aware as there is no noise from your engine. Many drivers often get confused, wondering if electric motorcycles are idle or not. However, like all motorcycles, electric motorcycles come with a powerful horn and reflective strips to make you feel safe on the road. 


Perfect for inner-city use, electric motorcycles can get around which is fuel-efficient, money efficient and is also good for the environment. Although the speed of an electric motorcycle can be lower, which helps conserve the battery, SWAG electric motorcycles can last as far as 80km per charge. With a top speed of 65km/h. You save on fuel money and still get to your destination in a timely manner. 



A brief look at gas motorcycles


Gas motorcycles is still the most common and user-friendly. However, it does not allow you to save on fuel costs and isn’t great for the environment.


Gas motorcycles possess a higher speed limit and can cover longer distances as long as you have fuel. Gas motorcycles are generally more energy efficient than cars and more efficient is beating traffic. Of course, like all fuel-powered vehicles they do contribute greenhouse gas into the environment, however it is not as much as the average car.


The main difference between gas and electric motorcycles is cost and availability. Electric motorcycles are too rare in the market for most suppliers and gas motorcycles tend to be cheaper. Gas motorcycles are also mass-produced, meaning that any particular brand that you desire would be readily available. 


Gas motorcycles are better for long-distance travel rather than an electric motorcycle. The latter devices are limited in that they cannot travel very far in between battery charging. They are mostly suitable for urban use. 


However, electric motorcycles are becoming the best option for riders at the moment. Most riders are ditching gas motorcycles for a much more light-weighted electric motorcycle. Why not get yours today and enjoy the full experience of your electric motorcycle without having to think about the disadvantages a gas-powered motorcycle has on the environment and your wallet.


Electric motorcycles vs. Gas motorcycles


In terms of performance, efficiency, cost and maintenance, electric motorcycles and gas motorcycles differ with each one edging the other in one way or the other. Electric motorcycles lead the race with its new-age features and environmental benefits providing solutions to green-house concerns. It has fewer greenhouse emissions and reduces air pollution which limits the effects of global warming. 


Electric and gas-powered motorcycles of the same size are roughly comparable in performance. Studies have shown that a high end electric motorcycle is faster and has better handling than any conventional motorcycle. If you are a beginner looking to start riding motorcycles, it is better to start with an electric motorcycle.


Electric motorcycles have a better 0 to 60 acceleration since they develop full torque immediately. As there is no clutch, a full torque is available instantly for any electric motorcycle. 


There are many various types of motorcycles, though not all appeal to everyone. Gas motorcycles can be difficult to maneuver, it is heavy and you need to exert force to move around a gas motorcycle. When riding a gas motorcycle, it requires for more concentration, skill and strength, as they can be more heavy and difficult to use. Unlike the electric motorcycle which can weigh much less and are easier to use.


Gas motorcycles are expensive to maintain compared to an electric motorcycle. Maintaining a gas motorcycle can be more expensive, either it be dealers, private mechanics or doing it on your own will most likely end up costing you a lot of money than an electric motorcycle as there are more parts which need to be changed.  


However, electric motorcycles have some disadvantages. There is less range since the batteries cannot store as much energy as a tank of gas, but there is still a considerable amount of distance. The SWAG electric motorcycle can travel up to 80km on a fully charged battery. There is also a two battery option for those who want to double the distance. As a result, SWAG electric motorcycles are best for daily commuters traveling short distances.


With the ever evolving technology and IoT, there is no doubt that electric vehicles are the future and will one day replace ICE vehicles. 


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