Electric Motorcycles Benefits

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Today’s electric vehicle innovation has been well received in many countries, especially the European region and many developed countries. This is due to the strict law and greater environmental awareness electric motorcycles benefits have, they are one of the categories of vehicles that has continued to grow in recent years both abroad and in SouthEast Asia.

Presently, Thailand has accumulated more than 21 million motorcycle registrations. (according to the Department of Land Transportation as of April 30, 1997). In 2019, the total number of new registrations reached 1.8 million of two wheels vehicles. And electric motorcycles had an increase by 486% compared to 2018, where it started to see growth. Access to innovative electric vehicles has become more accessible to the masses. Due to its increased alertness with policy and support from the government and private sector. Including taxation, subsidies, and international changes such as the issuance of petrol regulations in the European Region.


Electric Motorcycles Benefits

Even though electric motorcycles have some limitations, whether it is less speed comparing to petrol motorcycles or a limited range in distance traveled due to the battery, there are many positive advantages to riding electric.


Electric Motorcycles is environmental friendly

Either it is enough for everyday urban use, energy, the environment, and the economics of using renewable energy. Electric motorcycles are friendly to the environment, we all know that electric power without the burning of fuel creates no emission of waste into the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide. That is one of the major causes of global warming. Switching to an electric motorcycle can save four times more carbon dioxide than a petrol motorcycle. If we ride a motorcycle for 50km every day in 1 year, we can reduce our emissions by more than 700kg of carbon dioxide which equivalent to 72 trees that absorbs carbon dioxide in a period of 1 year.


electric motorcycles benefits

Electric Motorcycles have a lower cost of maintenance

While everyone knows that all petrol motorcycles have yearly maintenance costs for its parts. Including, engine, chain, belt, injection system, suspension, filter, oil, etc. There are also the hidden costs that creep up during its service. However, with electric motorcycles, their maintenance costs are very low. There are fewer complicated parts because it is driven by a motor and powered by a battery, making it possible to cut care in other parts.


Electric Motorcycles and Acceleration Power

One of the Electric Motorcycles benefits is, the electric performance and response power with the technology of SWAG from BOSCH electric motor in-hub that cuts the engine, chain or belt reduces the transmission of power from friction. Resulting in a very low consumption because the energy is sent directly to the wheels. As a result, the SWAG Type-X with its 2020 watt motor drives the vehicle at a faster acceleration from 0-35km/h in 2.9 seconds (compared to a normal 125cc bike) at 3.8 seconds.


be unique with SWAG Type-S electric motorcycles


Goodbye, Noise pollution

Have you heard the sound that an electric motorcycle makes while in motion? No, that is because it creates no noise pollution as the motor is electric, unlike the oil-powered engines. Making it possible for cities to cut down not only on air pollution but also noise pollution.


Electric motorcycles help identify who you are

Electric motorcycles help identify who you are, it can help you decide what kind of citizen you want to become for your community. We need to make a difference in order to help our world, and it can start by making the switch to electric mobility. Use the power of technology to make a difference. Be different with the unique design of SWAG electric motorcycles.
Join us in the transition to clean energy for a future that needs us to.


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