Energy Innovation Bootcamp 2020

Energy Innovation Bootcamp 2020 organized by SPU, SWAG EV and Nexus

About The Energy Innovation Bootcamp

The Energy Innovation Bootcamp 2020, Organized by Sripatum University, New Energy Nexus Thailand, and SWAG EV. The event was held over the course of 2 days at the university’s campus. SWAG had a chance to join alongside different energy-driven companies and experts in the Energy sector. From local and international corporations including UNDP Thailand and GIZ to share the knowledge about Sustainable energy and Business. 

The reason behind the Energy Innovation Bootcamp was to bring all the young innovators, entrepreneurs, and students from all universities who have a business or innovative ideas which lead Thailand towards a clean energy ecosystem.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Wirat Lertpaithoopan, (Vice President (SPU) and Dean of the School of Interdisciplinary Technology and Innovation)

Asst. Prof. Dr. Wirat Lertpaithoopan, (Vice President (SPU) and Dean of the School of Interdisciplinary Technology and Innovation)


The main themes and topics discussed were:

Clean Energy & Storage, Smart Grid, Energy Efficiency, Energy Management, Customer Experience, E-Mobility, Business Model Innovation, IoT & Digitization, Energy Access, and Blockchain.

Students at the energy innovation bootcamp

This year, over 130 students joined to register from both High School and University. The students were split up into teams where they each had a project in which they needed to organize and brainstorm innovative ideas under the main themes of the event. Then pitch the ideas to the judges. 

At SWAG we plan to be apart of helping Thailand shape the future of clean energy for the next generations. We are honored to share SWAG’s vision on building sustainable growth in the 2 Wheels Electric Vehicle “electric motorcycles” market in Southeast Asia as well as the mission to create a better environment for 2 wheels electric infrastructure in Thailand. We are always eager to learn more, and educate those on the steps we need to make for a cleaner future. 


About Sripatum University

Sripatum University (SPU), one of the oldest and most prestigious private universities in Thailand. Established in 1970 by Dr. Sook Pookayaporn by the name ” Sripatum College.”. The name “Sripatum” meaning “Source of Knowledge Blooming like a Lotus”. Which, conferred on the college by Her Royal Highness the Princess Mother.

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About New Energy Nexus

New Energy Nexus is an international organization that supports clean energy entrepreneurs with funds, accelerators and networks. The organization started in the USA, and run programs in China, India, Southeast Asia, and East Africa. Since 2004, New Energy Nexus have leveraged $1.5 billion in investment. Which invested in 100+ clean energy enterprises, and launched industry-leading startup support programs and funds.

New Energy Nexus wants to strive towards an abundant world with a 100% clean energy economy in the shortest time possible. To make this lasting change, New Energy Nexus Thailand offers early-stage incubation, events, hackathons, and skills training for clean energy startups. The organization supports the startup by defining business models, bringing the product to market and raising investment under New Energy Nexus Incubation and Acceleration program.

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