How to register an Electric Motorcycle in Thailand

มอเตอร์ไซค์ไฟฟ้า จดทะเบียนได้

Most recently electric motorcycles have been put into the vehicle category, as it began to receive a lot of attention from urban society due to the positive impacts it has on the environment. Electric motorcycles can help to slow down and stop climate change and global warming as they produce little to no carbon emissions. They are also friendly to our personal economy, as they are more sustainable and are low in maintenance cost. Those are just some of the benefits that an electric motorcycle has compared to a traditional motor vehicle. Petrol fuelled motorcycles have high oil and maintenance costs, and with the costs of petrol, prices can quickly go up.

Electric motorcycles are likely to replace vehicles powered by combustion engines in the near future, by driving applications from both the public and private sectors. However, there are still many people who are skeptical and unsure of their effectiveness. There is also the question of whether electric motorcycles can be registered or not and if so how difficult is it? The team at SWAG are here to answer your questions and guide you through the process and steps in order to register your SWAG electric motorcycle.


Can we register electric motorcycle in Thailand?

Can I register my electric motorcycle? Is a popular question we get asked on a daily basis. Now that electric motorcycles have been moved into the same category as other motor vehicles, it has been made possible to register it. Electric motorcycles can be registered as long as they meet the DLT specifications. In Thailand, The rated motor power on an electric motorcycle must not be less than 0.25kW or not less than 250 watts, the maximum speed not be less than 45km/h. 

All SWAG electric motorcycles abide by these rules, making it easy to register your bike in Thailand


Registering Process for Electric motorcycle

The procedure for registering an electric motorcycle is as convenient and fast as registering other types of vehicles. Just be sure to prepare the correct documents and evidence in order to complete the registration. 

Documents needed for registering your Electric Motorcycle.

1. 2 copies of Passport including;

-First Page stating ID/Name-Surname/ issued and expiry date

-Visa and end of stay stamp

2. Work Permit (2 copies) including;

-First page of a work permit stating name, ID, date of issue, and expiry date

-latest renewal update of work permit page

-Current Address’s page

3. Original Certificate of Residence from Embassy

4. Original Certificate of Residence from Immigration Bureau

5. Power of Attorney (2 copies)

Power of attorney is only for the third-party registration service.


*In case you wish to register the bike yourself, you will need an additional document from the seller including; contract of sale and receipt.

*Reference: DLT (Department of Land Transport)

รถมอเตอร์ไซค์ไฟฟ้า swag type-x ในการใช้งานจริง

Can SWAG Electric Motorcycle register?

All SWAG Electric Motorcycles can be 100% registered in Thailand. SWAG EV has been approved by DLT (Department of Land Transport) and we have passed all the requirements, from the minimum wattage of the motor to speed. Starting from 1750 watts and you can ride above 45KMPH speed. Therefore, SWAG electric motorcycles are also passing the test from the department of Engineering under DLT.  This is to assure you that all SWAG electric motorcycles ensure the best quality and are legal to all the road laws.

Moreover, SWAG also provides free registration to all of SWAG’s clients free of charge. Our sales representative will help assist you with our third-party agent for the seamless registering process.


Be a part of the change,

switch to clean energy vehicles with SWAG EV registered electric motorcycles. You can contact, order or register for a free test ride today. Follow all press release and promotions on our Facebook page, Facebook.com/swagev and Instagram @swag.ev or call: 02-125-2097