Sustainable New Year resolutions for 2021

At the end of the year, most of us set out our intentions on what goals we want to achieve and change for the New Year. But unfortunately, most people give up on their New Year’s resolution after a month or so which is not good. How about this year we set ourselves up for some realistic eco-friendly sustainable resolutions to help make our world a better place.

The reason many of us fail to keep up with our resolutions is that people try to implement big lifestyle changes overnight. That’s not a sustainable way to create change. Change works better in small steps, if you’re consistent, you will soon see big changes. 

Here are some goals you could set for yourself, that would better you and our earth. You can pick one or two to start with and go from there. It’s all about the dedication and motivation you have to see change, and by doing so, anything is possible. 

10 sustainable new year resolutions to bring into 2021

01. Switch to reusable bags

Ok, let’s start 2021 with an easy sustainable New Year’s resolution. Hopefully most of you are already implementing this resolution in your everyday lives. There’s no excuse to still be using single-use plastic bags. Make the switch to reusable bags in 2021. Take your own reusable bags for grocery and other shopping.  


02. Become plastic free

This is a no brainer. Although society makes it difficult to switch to zero plastic altogether, we can still try and make conscious choices when it comes to plastic. 

Even if you can’t become totally plastic free, make it your goal to at least reduce your use of plastic. There are various ways to do this. Ditching single-use plastic is the first step.


03. Reduce your carbon footprint 

Reducing your personal carbon footprint by enforcing small little changes, like walking or biking instead of driving, switch to using an eco-friendly SWAG electric motorcycle instead of a petrol motorcycle, buy local ingredients, and eat a plant-based diet. While many of these goals might sound intimidating at first, it makes a big difference for our earth. 


04. Switch to SWAG Electric Motorcycles 

While electric vehicles may not be the norm in your area, this is one long term solution to the Co2 emissions problem. SWAG electric motorcycles produce 10g of Co2 compared to the 50g of Co2 that petrol fueled motorcycles produce. While electric motorcycles do still produce Co2, if they were charged by solar panels that number becomes 0. It is also a sustainable solution for your wallet too. 


05. Become zero waste

I must admit that going zero-waste might be one of the hardest sustainable resolutions out there, but don’t let that scare you. By slowly trying to reduce your waste by a bit every week, you might see what your life will look like a year in. Even if you don’t get down to zero-waste, you would have still reduced your waste and environmental footprint by a huge amount, which is always a positive thing. 


reusable bags

06. Say no to fast fashion

By boycotting fast fashion brands, we stop the funding of these destructive brands who create the most environmental waste and pollution. They create unethical and unsustainable clothing, as well as violate human rights. 

Instead find sustainable and eco-friendly brands. They might be more expensive but you are buying clothing that will last longer and are better for the environment. 


07. Invest in energy efficient appliances 

Switch to energy consumption appliances, such as LED lighting, water-saving showerhead and smart thermometer. Energy saving appliances will also save you some money on your electricity bill. 


08. Become a minimalist 

If you are familiar with minimalism, you might already know it is a great way of life that goes against the normal consumerist lifestyle. It has many benefits, it can give you a mental freedown and overall make you feel lighter and happier. Try to remove excessive consumerism and use what is only essential in your life. 


09. Switch to a plant-based Diet

This could not be on the list of sustainable resolutions. By reducing your meat consumption, it lowers your environmental impact the most compared to the other lifestyle changes. By trying to have one day of plant-based meals, and trying to consciously eliminate animal products in your diet it can make a huge difference to our earth. 


10. Simplify your life

And last but not least, simply your life. Slow down, stop spending so much time in front of your screen, stop chasing new trends and be more in nature. When you start living a simpler lifestyle, you will feel happier. You won’t be chasing that consumer lifestyle. 


There you have it, there are 10 ways to implement a more sustainable New Year’s resolution for 2021. Start your New Year with any of these eco-friendly tips.  


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