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SWAG Hatyai – Latest official dealership

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SWAG officially opened its doors to their dealership in Hatyai under the name of SWAG EV Sales and Service Center Hatyai. SWAG Hatyai aims to be the largest and convergence service center for the southern part of Thailand. Where it will be doing the selling and servicing activities for SWAG electric motorcycles. Which will be operated by Banmo EV Hatyai co., ltd. a well-known Battery retailer in the area. 


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The event was honored by the local governors and high executive authorities in Songkhla. Including Mr.Thanadej Inkwan (Director of Division of Sanitary Works, Hatyai Municipal), Mr.Kavitpong Siritananonsakul (President of Songkhla Chamber of commerce), Mr. Janson Chen (Chief executive officer of SWAG EV), Mr. Siwat Suwanwong (President of Hatyai Songkhla Hotels Association), K. Chaiyawat Prayong-Morakot (President of Songkhla YEC) and K. Pichawee Theerapanwadee (marketing and business development manager, Diana Shopping Complex) to be part of the opening ceremony.


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The store atmosphere is well-designed and decorated with the lines and lightings to reflect SWAG brand identity “Always in Motion”. In addition, the thoughtful color selection. As a result, it represents the future and the lifestyle of the Hatyai people. 

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Best Electric Motorcycles Service

The core values of Hatyai’s dealer are “Quality” and  “Service-minded” said by K. Tanik Saelim (Chief executive officer of Banmo EV Hatyai co,. Ltd.) Inspired by the family’s main business “Banmo Battery” from 40 years of experience and becoming the number one Battery resale and wholesale company in Hatyai from its high level of service excellence. With the application of years of experience in Battery retails to the Electric Automotive business, K.Tanik Saelim is confident that SWAG Hatyai will be the main driving gear in growing green mobility to Hatyai. Also, all the provinces in the Southern part of Thailand. Then, making a change in society and finally, by driving Hatyai to be a smart city. 


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Showroom Location

The official SWAG Hatyai showroom is located in the heart of Hatyai city. The address is 176/26, Ratthakarn road, Hat Yai District, Songkhla province. The showroom showcases all the SWAG electric motorcycles models. Including, SWAG Type-S and SWAG Type-X. Moreover, customers can experience the thrills of the electric ride with a free test drive from Mon-Sat, 9 AM – 6 PM. 

Contact information

For more information about SWAG Hatyai (SWAG EV Sales and Service Center) visit: Facebook SWAG EV Sales and Service Center or call: 099-359-9434


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