SWAG x RCC Auto Group

swag x rcc auto group

We are pleased to announce the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between SWAG and RCC Auto Group

RCC Auto Group is a German manufacturing company that specializes in automotive body parts, assembly equipment, and toolings. As the RCC Auto Group grew, they quickly moved into the Asian market and opened their factory in Thailand, where their ASEAN headquarters are now based. RCC Auto Group has long years of experience and is very respected in the automotive industry. 

RCC Auto Group is not only known for their assembling of toolings and equipment but they are also known for the production of auto parts such as body parts of automotive vehicles, Chassis, creating molds and tools components for automotive vehicles.

RCC Auto Group will join the collaboration in terms of providing high-quality Assembly toolings, Automation Equipment for the manufacturing site. As well as Auto Parts including, Body Parts, Chasis and other components for SWAG Electric Motorcycles.


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