The Guy Disappeared. Precisely What Do You Imagine Occurred?

Reader Question:

For the last a couple weeks, I have been texting, mailing and talking from the phone to an incredible guy named Brad. We’ve got both put forth time and energy and felt like we had been a match meet up with for a date.

Wednesday night the guy stated he’d call me as he had gotten residence. He did not accomplish that. He’s gotn’t logged into their on line POF membership. He hasn’t logged into his Yahoo messenger membership.

I called him and left an email. I emailed him and left a message. I texted him and left a message. Nothing.

Precisely what do you think took place?

-Alexis (Indiana)

Gina Stewart’s Solution:

my apologies to state the Brad you’ve been speaking with actually a solid baseline measure of whom Brad is. Becoming consistent for 14 days doesn’t lend to evidence that he’s a consistently constant person.

Could it be unusual that he electronically fell off the face associated with the planet? Yes. Could something have happened to him? Yes.

Unfortunately, it isn’t your home to play investigator. You’re merely a lady he found on the internet and spoke to for a couple of weeks.

Assuming some tragedy hasn’t befallen him (and chances are it’sn’t), if he really wants to reappear, he will probably.

But watch out for thinking you understand Brad with a couple of weeks of chatting before you even met personally — that is a risky frame of mind.

If the guy really does reappear without some sincere devastating account to tell, you can be assured you located a man who’sn’t as consistent or “awesome” you believed.

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