We believe that innovative technology is the key to smart green mobility
that is designed around everyday practicality without coming at the expense of our environment or urban lifestyles. We’ve partnered up with global brands at the forefront of electric components to help power our vision for tomorrow.

Ride your way

Between power consumption and driving modes, out flexible motors can be ultra-efficient or instantly powerful, providing riders with a choice that fits around their lifestyle.

We use state-of-the-art motor technology from Bosch as a key component in optimising energy efficiency by at least 10% by reducing motor abrasion and power wastage.


Our motors use a “Field-Oriented Control” system, that has been customized for the 1750-2020 Watt* BOSCH motor to optimise how power is used, resulting in precise and instant acceleration.


1750-2020 Watt


0-35 km/h in 2.9-3.2 sec

Driving modes

Eco, Cruise, Breeze


65NM power


Plug & Play

Swag electric vehicles are equipped with high-performance lithium-ion technology that has been adapted to needs of two-wheeled urban transportation making them lightweight, efficient and dependable.


Power up

We use long lasting batteries by Samsung that can be charged in-bike or via the mains socket quickly and safely. Our batteries support both fast charging and slower full charging options. Allowing you to Plug and play with ease.

Charge Cycle​

We’ve tried and tested our battery to ensure that no performance loss occurs within 1,000 charge cycles.

Sleep over

Easily take out and carry your battery to plug in to any mains socket for a full charge (empty to full in 3.5 hours) or even leave it safely overnight. The BMS (Battery Management System) will manage the flow of electricity 100% guarding against over-current, unstable voltage and overheating.

Braking Safer

Using a combined braking system (CBS), the front and rear hydraulic
discs brake evenly together for a more balanced and safer stop.